Creating a Ripple Effect
It's often the little things, rather than big gestures, that touch a person's heart.

From the Heart
During the past year, we learned that many times over by sharing love rocks. They weren't heavily handcrafted or extravagantly decorated. Just simple river rocks onto which we glued paper hearts. What made them so special? When we paused to tell someone how special they are. People didn't expect to hear that from a stranger, or to receive a sweet token to remember those words. It's amazing what can happen when people feel seen.

Love Rocks x 3 
To create an additional ripple, we often share love rocks in three's and encourage people to keep one and share the other two with friends, family members, neighbors or anyone who might be in need of a little extra love at the moment.

If you're interested in sharing love rocks, check them out here. Or, consider making your own. Be well and rock on!