Beautiful Thoughts - Boxed Cards

  • Watercolor box of postcards wrapped with label "Beautiful Thoughts"
  • Watercolor box of postcards wrapped with label "Beautiful Thoughts"
  • Contemporary design watercolor box of postcards without label wrapping
  • Open box of postcards showing cards organized by tabs
  • Sample postcard with close up of quote "You are everything to me" by Sarah Bernhardt
  • Sample postcard with quote "You are a wonderful creation" by Oscar Wilde
  • Sample postcard with quote "I think it is all a matter of love" by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Sample postcard with quote "It's you I like" by Fred Rogers (aka "Mr. Rogers"
  • Sample postcard with quote "Someday is now" by Gaddy Bergmann

Beautiful Thoughts - Boxed Cards


A box of postcards for keeping and sharing.

Card Themes: Inspire, Appreciate, Celebrate, Love, Connect

This box is full of beautiful thoughts—quotes from writers and artists and thinkers and dreamers and doers and lovers of life. With 60 postcards, you’ll find the perfect words for every occasion: for everyday and for just because, words for special occasions, and words for those moments when you need a shift of perspective, an uplift, a smile. 

Keep these words on hand and you’ll be surprised at the fact that they always seem to say just the right thing at the right time. And there are two of each. So keep one, and give one. These are thoughts worth sharing.

  • 60 cards, 2 each of 30 designs
  • Lidded box: 5.375”W x 4.312”H x 2.25”D
  • Cards: 5”W x 3.5”H
  • Origin: Compendium, Seattle, Washington
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